May 2009

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


Opportunities Beyond the Chair

A career in the beauty industry offers unique opportunities beyond the chair. From cosmetologists to salon owners, educators, platform artists to product developers and more, you are only limited by your imagination.

Being a hairstylist is the main career choice for many in the beauty industry, however, the May issue explores other challenging and lucrative careers that exist within the professional beauty industry.

Direction You Beauty Career Can Take You profiles a few successful beauty professionals whose careers led them down a different path in this industry.

From salon owners to educators, platform artists to product developers, Beth and Carmine Minardi are of the highest caliber of professionals.Carmine shares his perspective that took years to develop and hopes to help salon professionals determine which direction their own career might take them.

Judith Culp suggests that sometimes estheticians may look beyond the treatment room and explore bigger horizons. Just staying open to change, diversity and expanding your knowledge will open the door to opportunities. This may be the perfect time to learn something new.

Have you ever thought about becoming an educator? Where do you start? Vicki Peters explains what it takes to become an educator. Don’t bypass this article because you are not a nail tech. Her information applies to any educator. And she is very thorough. Don’t become overwhelmed at all you have to learn. Start one-by-one learning from the list Vicki gives you and before long you will be an accomplished educator with an impressive resume.

If you know successful people in the beauty industry you know they have one quality in common – passion. Passion is required for longevity in the beauty industry. Business coach, Charlene Abretske suggests that passion can carry you to several different areas of the beauty industry. Whether you’re satisfying that passion by educating others, volunteering your time, or creating new standards and products, following where your passion leads you will set you up for a satisfying career.

Now, more than ever, many in the beauty industry are reflecting on the path their careers are taking them. Jerry Tyler's article challenges us with a question, “Do we turn this downtime to our advantage and seek change to advance or do we wait-and-see, hoping that better days will come?” This, he notes, is the long time honored conflict between being proactive or reactive and also being brave enough to seek and most importantly, to embrace change.

On another note, look forward to the June issues when we announce the 2009 Cover Contest winners! We have received several incredible entries. Also, next month will be the 13th Anniversary of the California Stylist! Thank you to all of our readers, advertisers, supporters and staff for making our first 13 years a success.

Cheers to thinking outside of the box and putting your career on a path to fulfillment!

— Lisa Kind, Editor