December 2009

Beauty Pros Deliver Messages to Capitol Hill

WTOW GroupBeauty Pros Deliver Messages to Capitol Hill

Welcome to Our World has become the most popular event on Capitol Hill, because of the unique way it combines learning with a fun and rewarding event for all.

More than 600 members of Congress and their key staffers were given haircuts, mini-manicures, makeup applications and hand and neck massages, as a way the Professional Beauty Federation (PBF) helps them learn about the professional beauty industry.

Two issues coming up in Congress of immediate importance to the professional beauty industry are fairness in taxation and access to cosmetology education.

H.R. 3724, the Small Business Tax Equalization and Compliance Act, would make it possible for salon owners to claim a tax credit for the FICA taxes they must now pay on their employees’ tips, a benefit that restaurant owners already receive. The legislation will also improve income reporting within the industry.

In regard to education, the PBF supports recent Congressional efforts to promote and expand access to postsecondary education and enhance students' ability to choose the type of educational program that best meets their own individual, professional career and employment goals.

In a $60 billion a year industry where job market demand for qualified applicants exceeds supply by more than three-to-one, it is vitally important to the PBF that Congress preserve a student's ability to enroll in cosmetology institutions of higher education, receive the benefits of a quality postsecondary education, and are prepared to enter the ranks of our professional workforce.

“This important event brings an entire $60 billion industry to Capitol Hill in just one day,” explained Eric Schwartz, president of PBF. “It provides the perfect forum for our legislators to learn about important small-business and education issues that affect millions of their constituents, while they enjoy the services that are performed by 1.6 million licensed professionals hundreds of times a day in hundreds of salons in each of their districts.”

Founded in 1999, the PBF represents the political interests of the professional beauty industry. Members include the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), the International Salon/Spa Business Network (ISBN), the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), OPI Products, Inc., JCPenney Salons and Regis Corporation. Visit


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